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Friday, July 20, 2012

Edgar and Sheba Love Story (By: Ivy Congson)

The first love story I wrote this year (April 2012). Thanks to Edgar and Sheba for trusting me. It was a very rare privilege. One thing I'm sure of...they are sharing the divine love on a human perspective...God bless you both!


“Love is patient. . .love endures all things. . .” 1 Cor. 13:4,7

This is not another love story of boy meets girl and they fell in love, but of a love that endures and a love that patiently waits. A love that is willing to try and try again. For him, it took one advice to fall and one kiss to seal their feelings. For her, there is love but afraid to tell, there is care but afraid to show.  It took one sign to occur twice to convince her to believe that theyre meant for each other.
He said:”It was during our college days that I met Sheba. I was touched by her words and how she subtly made her way into my heart.  She is the acme of my ideals in a woman. She is an answer to my prayer. I can’t let her go. I have to try and try again to win her over.”
She said:“I was focused on my studies because of my family. When I met Edgar, I was a girl who made her way to reach her goals and would not allow any distractions.He is the person who is willing to wait for me. He is God-fearing - which is what I like most in a man.

The story . . .

We were in second year college in Civil Engineering (2001) at LIT when the manifestation of love came down from the divine ladder to reside in my heart.  It was something Sheba wrote to me, in one of our class activities that struck me. She advised me to balance my studies and my being an athlete. She believed in me that I can do best if I will have focus. I felt her genuine concern. I kept the yellow paper in my wallet. Since then, she became my confidant. I openly told her my thoughts and feelings. I became closer to her as I confide to her.

Deeply touched by her words, I was convinced that shes the woman for me. All through the school days, I made myself available for her even if she didn't need my help. Then,one December night in 2002,I decided to reveal my feelings by giving her flowers and saying I Love You. But shes not ready. Though I can feel her feelings for me, there is resistance on her part.I tried again after two months but still, I got the same reaction. She tried her best to hide her feelings and to stop me. She even pushed me to date other girls. I did so, out of desperation. But my conviction is strong, shes the only one for me. Deep inside me theres a voice that kept telling me that she loves me. I believed that she loves me but she was holding back because of her studies and family. 

But I cant afford to give her up. I had to try again during our review for the board exam in 2004. One night, while we studied together, I also reviewed my feelings for her. I stole a kiss from her and the world stopped turning. For a moment she did not resist. I would say, that phenomenon proved our feelings for each other. I was never wrong about us.

He kissed me and I kissed him back. I was afraid. It cannot be. I tried my best to drive him away. I didnt want any distractions. The board exam came and we both failed. I felt so downhearted and we didnt see each other after that. He kept sending me text messages but I did not reply. He kept calling me but I did not say a word. I dont want to talk to him because I thought that if we get into a relationship I will become a hindrance to his success and him to mine. Most of all, I want to focus my attention to my family and in taking care of my sick father.

Then came May 2005, Edgar finally passed the board exam. I sent him a text message to congratulate him and to reconnect with him at the same time. A few days later, we met again at a friends house and I found out that he already had a girlfriend. I was hurt but I managed to control myself as I endured my feelings for him.

I was desperate. Sheba wont talk to me so I thought that it was time to move on.I got involved  but it was the girls effort to keep the relationship. I did not love her but she was an available companion to ease my loneliness. It did not last long because my friends did not like her and I cant deny that Im still patiently waiting for Sheba deep in my heart. Most of all, Sheba was within my reach again and our communication was flourishing.

I went to Cebu for my second review for the board exam and Edgar was also there to further his study. We went to church together to attend masses. I felt better having him close. Then came November 2006, as the board exam came nearer, my feelings for him grew deeper. I was ready to say YES to him only to find out that he was going to Dubai for work a few days before the exam. I was upset because I felt that hes going to leave me and I dont like the idea of a long distance relationship. Instead of telling him the truth about my feelings, I managed to discourage him again. I was hurt but I have to endure. Fortunately, I passed the board exam and everything went well without him.

Our communication stopped while I was in Dubai. Sheba just kept on discouraging me. I felt again that maybe were not really for each other. But I cant lose hope, instead, I became more patient with her. January is near though and I thought that I could give her a gift.

My birthday was coming and it came to me that I think its time for me to have someone. So, I prayed to God for a sign. The man who will give me a white rose, real or picture as long as it is a white rose, on my birthday is the right one for me. I wasnt really thinking of Edgar but it was a general idea. Consider it a divine accident, Edgar sent me a card with a white rose print on the cover on my 25th birthday in January 2007! I was stunned but still I cant believe it was true. Maybe its him but not yet. Its the same old story, we communicated and I stopped because I felt resentful over a long distance relationship.

Life goes on until a devastating event took place. My father diedin November 2007. It was a time of grief but Edgar cant be with me, her sister told me.

I made a promise to myself that I will always be there for her on her tough times. When her father died I had to go home but my employer declined. So, I asked my sister to inform her that I cant come. But then I cant rest thinking about her and how much I want to console her. I prayed to God that he will help me and He did. Miraculously, my immediate boss helped me and I was allowed to go home for 7 days. It was my birthday when I arrived at the wake. She was surprised. Its a wonder that were always together on my birthday ever since we met and for me its precious.

Edgar stayed with me and showed his deep care for me. After the burial of my father, he went back to Dubai to finish his contract. On January 2008, he went home for vacation in time for my birthday. He tried again to win me and this time he gave me a necklace for a gift and you wouldnt believe it. . .the box had a white rose on it! How can he give me gifts with white rose on it? He didnt know I was asking for a sign! God guided him, I believed. Now I am convinced that hes the right one for me.

I started courting her again. This time, with much more determination and making sure that I wouldnt take no for an answer. I would travel from Hilongos by motorbike just to be with her. We had long conversations over the phone. One night, we talked for hours and finally I got her YES.Only then we realized that it was already 3:00 AM of February 7, 2008. My dream came true that I will win a girls heart on a 7th day and the girl was her. Seven is a significant number for me because its my birth date. After 7 years of waiting patiently for her, she finally said yes.

Things went well and Edgar has to go back to Dubai. We made a compromise to be near with each other. He went ahead and I had to follow him. In Dubai, our relationship went through a lot of circumstances that allowed us to grow. We get to know each other better and have accepted each our flaws. Weve seen the inner self of each other. We became open to each other and it helps that were friends. God is in the center of our relationship and we make it a point to go to mass together. There is also acceptance, we learned to accept each others unique personality. We believe that acceptance is one essential ingredient for a lasting relationship. We also helped each other through thick and thin. Our stay in Dubai strengthened our bond.

In February 7, 2010, I proposed marriage to her. I said, Im very sure about you, Sheba. I want you to be my wife and mother to our children.

I cant help my tears to fall as I said, Yes. He cried too. It was a moment of bliss. I have endured and now its time to rejoice.

The waiting is finally over.We are now reaping the fruits of our sacrifices. Good things will always come to those who endure and to those who patiently wait. 

You can also watch the slide show made by Sheba on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyrjcIOoiHE&feature=share

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